Thursday, April 5, 2012

'Spring Into Action 2012' Project Party - My Desk

I have teamed up with eleven other blogs for a 'Spring Into Action - The Undaunted Dozen' project party. We will each be sharing a DIY project of some sort. This party will provide support and motivation to those who might feel overwhelmed or daunted by a DIY project or just require a little nudge to get things started and of course, to see the project to completion.

I have decided to share my desk revamp. This is a project that is more important than any other current project in my house.  The home office is where I spend a lot of time. The desk is where I tend to daily paperwork -  pay the bills, manage piles of school notices - work from, study, blog and so on, therefore the need and certainly the urgency to give it a little face-lift.

I started to evaluate the scope of this mini-project during the months of November and December last year. Life was getting busier and I needed a better organized system and a prettier space would be nice, too.

I had begun the cleaning up at that point but do not have many good 'before pictures'. Here are glimpses of when I started to tidy up.
A collection of random items - pens, pencils and scissors all in in one holder, a decorative plate made for me by my youngest daughter for Mother's Day a couple of years ago, an emptied letter holder.

I had a bunch of notices, post-its, list of recalled children's medication, something from my youngest, again - her little pencil-drawn hand with my lipstick - a little of everything, pinned to that panel. I even had neighborhood recycling information handy!

I brought in cleaning supplies.

I cleared the back panel. These pictures were taken over several days so some things were moved around during the course of the day. I had just the desk light on so this picture is dark. You can see more items used daily like my hand cream, La Source from Crabtree & Evelyn and a blue-&-white coaster for my cup of tea.

This is the color of the walls in the room, Benjamin Moore's, Mountain Lane. I had liked the effect of dark wood furniture against this olive-like green.

My desk chair is very similar to this one from Staples. It is in a smoky grey faux suede fabric.
 Office Star Mid-Back Fabric Dual Function Ergonomic Task Chair, Gray

I started to look at other colors I could incorporate in this space. I had purchased a few of these very pretty paisley clipboards to give as hostess gifts about a year ago.

I decided I could keep one for myself. I thought this would be a great jumping off point to introduce a fun color palette and to breathe life into this space.

So there you have it. My desk revamping 'Spring Into Action' project - Part I of III. Stay tuned for the next update on this which will be in a week on Thursday, April 12th.

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Do let me know if you are also in the process of completing a DIY project. I would love to pay you a visit.

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  1. I love your DYI projects Lisa and can't wait to see your finished desk. I wish I had more time for DYI, it's always time!

    I hope you're enjoying your week!


  2. I love that clipboard. That is a fantastic jumping off point. I never spend much time at our "home office" because it depresses me. This is a good motivator for me to tackle my office.

  3. Great project! Love that clipboard as a starting off point! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Love a good desk re-do. It makes you love to come to work there! Everyone needs to change it up now and then... mine should be next ! Good luck...LOVE the clipboard!
    P.S. Your "spring into action" button just has a ? mark on it on my end-won't load... sorry!

  5. I'm excited to see this! Love the clipboard. Way to make blogland hold you accountable! ;)

  6. This is a great project to tackle! I love a good organized desk... excited to see what you do!

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with this room! Love the colors on the clipboard!

  8. Love your clipboard inspiration! There's nothing better than an organized & pretty space!

  9. What a fun challenge! I love the colors on your clipboard! Look forward to seeing what you do with the colors!

  10. I could totally see it. I know this is going to turn out beautiful :)

  11. It will be so nice to have an organized and pretty space. The clipboards are adorable and feature such great colors. Your space will be perfect with some pops of color!

  12. Oh how fun! I'm looking forward to seeing how all these elements come together! The clipboards are super gorgeous!
    xo Becca

  13. Fun! What a great idea you guys had. Organizing was never a problem for me, I actually think it is therapeutic. Those clipboards are so pretty.
    I'll stay tuned for more.

  14. how fun! I love organizing and decorating!! good luck!

  15. I can't wait to see what you come up with! I love your inspiration clipboard - I'm excited to see how you incorporate those colors!

  16. Oooh! Love the colors in your :)
    Can't wait to see how you incorporate them.

  17. Oh, this is going to be good! Love that green paint chip!

  18. LOVE your jumping off point Lisa! It will be delightful to have such a bright and happy spot to work when it is all finished!

  19. Hi Lisa, it will be fun to see your office progress!

  20. Where did you score the pretty clipboards from? Those are awesome and a really great starting point for this special, hard-working area.

  21. Lisa, your clipboard is such a pretty inspiration. I look forward to seeing the transformation. It will be great to have a little space carved out for you that is beautiful.

  22. This is going to be so fun! I love the inspiration piece you chose. Let's see that desk revamp!

  23. Cant wait to see the transformation.. Great starting point!

  24. Ooooh! Love the colours of the clipboards and will be checking in to see how it all turns out!

  25. looks like u r bringing in lots of!