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Decorating with elements of nature during the festive season

Adding touches of nature throughout one's home while decorating for the festive season is a must. Aside from the obvious Christmas tree or two there are numerous ways to decorate with foliage in a big way or with little touches. This not only balances the various colors of the season and the abundance of sparkle and glitter that is to be expected at this time of year,
but nature also does have a calming effect during what usually is a hectic season for most.

 Use Rustic Elements

For the outside of our homes, the presence of nature in different forms creates a great first impression and can be a reflection of the indoors. It certainly adds wonderful curb appeal!

Christmas Greeting Garland

Planters are an obvious choice to complement whatever you choose to use and they work throughout the year .

They certainly make a bold statement for the outdoors.

From Christmas trees in any room...
Keep Christmas Additions Casual

Welcoming living room | Country Christmas living rooms | Living room | PHOTO GALLERY | Country Homes & Interiors |

...and mini potted plants..
Add Tradition-Inspired Pieces

Mix Greenery with Metallics

..and wreaths of all sizes...
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Traditional Holiday Decor - A black front door decorated with a trio of wreaths

...with or without a mantle.
Add Cheer Without a Mantel

Combining some element of nature in your decor this season welcomes all to your home and creates a warm environment within for friends and family, no matter what climate one might live in.
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Garlands for a fabulous curved banister is visually stunning in any foyer..
Layered Garland

...or over a mantle...

...or framing a perfect view through a picturesque window in the dining room. I love that there is a swag to this garland!
Lush Boxwood Swag

Something I have tried myself in the past. A garland wrapped around the dining room chandelier.
Christmas Decoration

The little settings with a touch of green helps balance the sparkle all around and makes for an inviting table....
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..and white is the perfect winter color. It can enhance and add a delicate touch to all that glass and silverware.
Christmas Decoration

A touch of foliage here-and-there.
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

It can be simple. Just a perfect.

And one can be so creative. How pretty is this!
Floral window display | Homemade Christmas ideas | PHOTO GALLERY |

Minimalist Holiday Decor - Vases of red flowers on an elegantly set holiday table

No matter what your style...
Mantelpiece card display | Homemade Christmas ideas | PHOTO GALLERY |

or color preference...
Christmas Decoration

..elements of nature come in different forms and colors and decorating with some during the festive season - indoors and out - provides an essential, happy balance.
Simple Bay Leaf Garland

Don't you agree?

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