Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Am Excited About These Home Goods Finds

I am so thrilled to be able to incorporate these new pieces into the redecorating of the basement. I happened to come across the four fun items on a quick trip into Home Goods a couple of weeks ago. As usual, I was multitasking and was not looking for items for the basement.

The first two pieces can double as tables or seating. They were $69.99 each. I love this drum-shaped one with it's fluted sides and spiral top.

This seagrass-like piece I picked up first. I think it is a great piece to lighten things up and for adding a natural element and texture. Both pieces are lightweight so will be easy for the kids to move around as required.

They will make perfect accents to the PB teen sectional.

This fun chevron-patterned throw pillow was $16.99.


Lastly, this wire magazine holder which will balance the heavier pieces, I plant to keep stacked against the wall. It is perfect for a book or 2, incomplete artwork, journals, anything the kids may be working on/reading that requires a temporary home. A convenient, accessible storage system. 

This cost me $19.99.


I also liked the magazine holder because it will (hopefully) help the kids keep any items in there organized as everything will be visible. The price...


In a couple of weeks we have family visiting us from Australia so I have to have some of this in place before then so that all the kids can enjoy this space when they are required to be indoors.

We are finally in the last couple of days of final exams and I have 2 moving-up/graduation ceremonies this week and a couple of home projects to complete. So bear with me if I am a little late in visiting your blogs this week.

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