Thursday, September 29, 2011

How I Created Loops on the Pillow Covers

I have been working on the no-sew pillow covers I wrote about here and here. I had left them with ties made of ribbon and they looked pretty but I was not entirely sold on the slight gaping.

So I debated buttons or some type of decorative metallic clasp (a way to bring metal into a space). A couple of weeks ago Joann's opened a store about ten minutes away (I had never been into one and was so excited). I bought some jute for one project and some scrapbooking paper  for another as well as these simple but beautiful turquoise buttons. Out went the no-sew pillow concept! (This is about easy stitching though). 

If you recall, this is what the ties looked like.

Family room throw pillows are generally (supposed to be) subject to some misuse (at least, mine are) and can, quite literally, be thrown about during kids' parties, pillow fights and similar high energy moments. Ties become undone and these ties are of  polyester ribbon, making them more slippery and allowing them to become undone more easily.

So after much thought I decided to make loops for the buttons with the glued-on ties. A simple solution and the covers would still look pretty. I first used some heat from the stove to (very quickly and very carefully) heat the exposed end of the ribbon to prevent unravelling.  I then proceeded to twist the ribbon like this.

and looped the free end through thus creating a twisted, knot-like loop

and pinned it to the inside of the cover thus creating a loop. I still needed to stitch it to the fabric.
I did a simple back stitch with some coordinating pale blue embroidery thread I have had for many years. I had contemplated a chain or a cross stitch for a brief moment but decided to keep it simple. See the blue stitching on the outside?

And here is the loop. I love the look of it.

And now I have to do something similar on the opposite side of the covers to incorporate the new buttons with the ribbon already in place.

Will share that with you shortly. Do you like how the pillow covers are looking so far? I am loving them.

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