Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspired To Organize My Jewelry

I love jewelry. I will buy a piece occasionally and every so often I receive some as gifts while some pieces I have owned for a long time so my collection increases every year. I have my jewelry in many boxes, in drawers, on my dresser and in my closet. Some pieces are locked away for special occasions.

I wear some jewelry every day. After a socially busy week this is what part of my dresser looks like. This is just the the tip of the iceberg -  jewelry chaos!

The box is one of two from Michaels, I think. They were decorated by my kids during an art class and given to me for Mother's Day a couple of years ago. They are a good size for my bangles and bracelets. I have used pretty ribbon to tie bunches of them together. But still, this is far from organized.

When I am in a rush I have to rummage through a pile of metal to find the right combination of bracelets. At the end of the day any jewelry I have worn mostly gets put back in a box like this or the wooden one you can catch a little glimpse of behind it. I must take better care of my jewelry.

Here is some of the jewelry lying around and a glimpse of a Stella & Dot box which holds a bracelet - a gift from last December. I have many similar little boxes.

Well, I have been looking at options for jewelry storage. Something that would allow me to enjoy my jewelry when I am not wearing any, to be able to see it while still keeping it organized and accessible.
Initially, I thought about one piece of furniture dedicated to jewelry alone. I came across this on Home Decorators Collection not too long ago. I had seen something similar on ebay. I do not currently own any mirrored furniture and I thought this would be perfect.

They also have this and other armoires which I considered as options.

This Hollywood-inspired armoire has an industrial edge.

At this point I decided I do not want to add another piece of furniture to the bedroom or to my small walk-in closet.

I love the variety of decorative jewelry display and storage pieces available, starting with this Wish Tree Jewelry Holder. These make wearing jewelry more fun than it already is!

I love elephants!
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I visited The Container Store for something else recently and as usual was multi-tasking and took a look at some of their options, too.

I could have a combination of all of the above but they would take over a lot of closet, shelf space and dresser space.

I have a few of these displays created by others which I have pinned on my Jewelry Organizing board on Pinterest.

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I came across this amazing old window and mesh jewelry display created by Andrea of Oak Ridge Revival.
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A couple of weeks ago I decided I had to create something myself. It would have to be a decent size to hold a good part of my collection, portable and decorative all at the same time.

I made a couple of quick trips to the local True Value (hardware store) to see if I could be inspired by anything I found there. Sure enough! I found this medium gauge garden wire fencing used for borders called Hardware Cloth in a 2ft x 5ft  size. It cost $5.49.

I also picked up two garden stakes for $1.99 each. The wheels were in motion.

The story continues next week as I create my very own jewelry display/organizer. Fingers crossed I should be done over the weekend. This is one of my quick, have-a-minute-here-and-there projects which I mostly take on while waiting for the kids to get off the school bus.

This is a piece I really need. I must take better care of my jewelry. Stay tuned!

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