Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Room In Progress

My living room has been a work in progress for some months now. I started to think about the revision during last winter when we were stuck indoors a lot. I love moving furniture around, looking at new and interesting layouts and searching through my closets to swap decorative items around. I certainly cannot display all that I have at the same time.

The updating process primarily began because I wanted to change the color of the walls and we had also purchased a couple of beautiful pieces of furniture on a trip last year. Our grand piano had to be moved from what had been the perfect spot by a window (but with a radiator below which was not good for the piano). Thus began a ripple effect.

Today I will share some of the progress with you. (Some of these pictures were taken, at the time, just for my benefit).

This was the living room some years ago, newly painted.

On the wall, Benjamin Moore's
and a shade darker in Dill Pickle as the fireplace accent color.

A few years ago. 

This past winter break I had a couple of days to myself with nothing scheduled and decided to seize the opportunity and after sample-testing three other similar options (sorry no pics) changed the wall color to Benjamin Moore's Meditation. I wanted a more modern, calming color to balance the gold-toned items in the room.

When decorating a space, I don't like competition but harmony and balance and at the same time I strive toward interest, not boredom.

I have a small collection of pillow covers so I changed those around while working through a couple of different color palettes on the Hepburn sofa from Ethan Allen. On the wall behind the couch is a serigraph by the artist Itzchak Tarkay. I love it's vibrant colors for which the artist is known. This was purchased at a school fundraiser art auction. I plan to move it to a wall by the piano. I think now it would look better there. More on that in another post.

Working with a more neutral and muted palette briefly ...I have had these raw silk cushion covers for a while, bought in India. I like the reverse color cut work pattern on them and the beautiful steely shade of grey.

The enamel flower centerpiece I found at a local household/gift boutique where I buy affordable hostess gifts as well as small teacher appreciation gifts. I purchased it with a gift card I had received. It was displayed on a plate rack but I thought I would try it like this for a little while. You can catch a glimpse of a sparkly crystal votive.

Up close.

A few weeks ago I shared this collage with you of some decorative pieces which I am using to incorporate blue, green, teal, turquoise as pops of color to the room.

For example, this handmade mid-century stoneware vase via Etsy. A stunning piece in shades of turquoise with a pretty pattern.

Hand-blown Maltese glass vase also via Etsy. I love the swirls and splatter pattern.

Pillow covers - teal, part of a pair gifted to me, and the green embroidered one I purchased on a trip to India). Another reason I chose the wall color is because I liked the effect of the warm gold sofa (here to stay and not being reupholstered) against the grey wall.

This figurine was purchased in Bali by my husband on a work trip a few years ago.

I would like to include this silver tea set which belonged to a family member and was passed on to me and I like the idea of combining silver and gold. The silver-plated tray I have had for many years.

This is how a part of it looks now while I work on the various elements. The coffee table vignette is obviously not done. Here I am playing around with items and color combinations, also looking to combine silver and gold. I need to add more height (some books, maybe candlesticks).

In place of the artwork I have plans to put up these decals from Modern Wall Graphics which I ordered in beige.
images via 
Ornate decorative wall decals stickers
Here I am just working out the layout of the decals without measuring, just to give myself an idea. You get a glimpse of sheers from Pottery Barn and ivory hand loom silk curtains from west elm (bought on sale earlier this year; love the texture which lends the subtle pattern).

At first, I wanted to add a large mirror to this wall but decided on these decals instead and I might put up a few smaller mirrors on the same wall. I found some great pieces recently, like this one below.
That's all I have for you today. I will share more progress with you in time as it all falls into place. The room has come a long way. So much more to do. Big transformation, don't you think? 

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