Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wall Photograph Display

How many of us have our favorite pictures displayed in a prominent place in our homes where they can be enjoyed daily? Some of us have a lot stored away on a CD or someplace for "when needed". That was me until recently.

I get asked by many people about the wall of photographs in my kitchen. I wanted to enjoy pictures of my kids up front in the kitchen/family room area. I had a blank wall  - actually, I used to have a picture hung on it, but (as I am constantly changing things around) decided to do something with photographs instead. I use decals in a number of diffferent projects (like here) and I purchased these Butch and Harold sticker frames several months ago from I had decided I did not want to drill holes in the walls and I wanted to try something different, fun and with a variety of designs with one color tying the collection together.

Butch and Harold Sticker Frame Kit - Wall Sticker Outlet

I ordered 2 packs of these and decided it was worth it at $20 for 8 frames in sizes shown above. The hours of pleasure we would all get from seeing these pictures every time we passed that wall would be priceless.  I did have to make larger copies of some of the pictures. I make copies through

This picture was taken months ago and for some reason I do not have a direct view of the wall but read on and more will  be revealed. (The wall to the right is not perpendicular to picture wall but is angled toward direction of camera).

I placed the pictures almost randomly although I tried to alternate with large and small. I also started at little-kid-eye-level so all could enjoy. As you can see, I needed at least 2 packs of the frames.

I helped a friend buy the same frames recently for some photographs she wanted to put up. She has a more expansive wall and she was concerned about placement and making the display look more cohesive and planned and not appear to be floating. I suggested we frame the pictures with some decorative tape I would find for her. 

I decided to add a frame to my display too. Again, no drilling holes.

I found decorative masking tape at  my local True Value in a basketweave pattern and thought this would look pretty. I used no measuring aides and proceeded to eyeball a line above the pictures and taped. I decided while I was up on the chair that I would include some of the angled wall on the right too. This way I could enjoy the pictures while busy in the kitchen (which it faces). I then did a double line making a thicker frame so the piece looked more substantial.

After some thought I decided I wanted to add some other tape to the frame, perhaps black, to finish off the border (more interest) but then I came across this striped white/transucent tape by Scotch and went ahead and centered it over the doubled basketweave tape.

More pattern, a little dimension and some sheen!

View from the across the island while preparing dinner (a pendant light in the foreground).

So here it is. My kitchen wall photograph display which I now enjoy every single day. It is sentimental; I see time flying. I have more pictures to add on the right-hand-side.

Decals are great and and can be moved around. And of course, the pictures can be changed, too. I love them; I always recommend them. Do you use decals? Would you use them for photographs?

*Please do not reproduce pictures of my children for any purposes other than to share what has been posted on this site, with my permission, of course. Thank you.

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