Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Modern Day Hotel as Stunning as the Taj Mahal

I came across pictures of this hotel owned by the Oberoi Group in India, published some years ago in Architectural Digest. The architects found it a challenge to develop this hotel so close to the Taj Mahal (which was completed in 1648). The design is overall modified traditional with an infusion of Asian elements.

Torches illuminate the forecourt.

A Mughal-style dome dominates the lobby. It was painted with cobalt-blue pigment and then gilded. The lobby was designed as a frame to the Taj.

The elegant tea lounge boasts imposing arched windows (again, with a spectacular view)  and beaten brass walls. Cotton-and-silk and silk brocade upholstery on Indian-made furniture.

A mix of European and Asian furniture pieces as well as a 19th-century tapestry furnishes this suite. I like the pops of turquoise in this otherwise neutral-colored room.

Unparalleled views once more. Teak armoire, Burmese bone inlay table and Indian bed and bed linen in this guest room. Take note of the beautiful rug and stunning turquoise chairs. Such a comfortable room.

Sandstone walkways are illuminated by onyx wall lights in this pool area.
images via Architectural Digest/ photos Erhard Pfeiffer

Magnificent pictures, don't you think? So grand yet so peaceful and calming. I think with the Taj Mahal always in the background, in such close proximity, there must be a sense of being in the presence of history and greatness. Did you like the mix of furniture? Did you notice some of the area rugs? Did you like any particular architectural details?

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