Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Designer's Home in Rio

I came across these pictures of the apartment of Brazilian Designer Alberto de Pinto, located in Rio de Janeiro in a recent issue of Architectural Digest.

The artwork and artifacts throughout the apartment as well as the eclectic mix of styles and bold color choices is what caught my attention. Each room has a lot of interest.

Take a look at the open staircase framed in polished chrome. Sofa by the designer himself.
The artwork makes a bold statement here. The pillows are of recycled vintage leopard coats. Another sofa designed by Alberto de Pinto. 

Gorgeous ocean view serves as a backdrop for this stunning mirrored console. Interesting vignette comprised of various artifacts including an ivory turtle, coco de Mer seeds and books (an easy way to add height and color).

On this sofa in the TV room, the pillows are of antique Indian fabrics; an amazing mirror and I do love the sofa - plush and probably comfortable. Eclectic coffee and end tables, too.

The master bedroom with an enormous ammonite fossil.

An intriguing mix of styles and patterns (which include Baroque and a suzani) against striéd walls in the guest room. 

I absolutely love the Central American maguey-fiber* hand-woven wall hanging in this other guest room. I think this could be my favorite item in the entire apartment. It makes the room.
via Architectural Digest Photos Ngoc Minh Ngo
Do you like any of these spaces? These are the ones that caught my eye. There is more to see here.

* maguey fiber is yielded from leaves of the Agave Americana plant, used for making rope, matting and so on.

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