Saturday, August 6, 2011

No-Sew Pillow Covers Update

Continuing on from Thursday's post about my no-sew throw pillow covers... I had decided to add ties to the opening of the covers. I found this very pretty ribbon at Michaels and as it had a blue/green polka dotted pattern I thought it would be fun to add it to the mix of patterns on the covers.
I could use this to make simple ties.

I cut 8" strips (this would give me something substantial to tie with). I proceeded to adhere them with some Fabric Fusion fuss, no sophisticated method..very straightforward. I did one in the middle and one about 3" in from each end so three strips on each side making it a total of six for each cover.

These were held in place by my always-at-hand, ever-reliant weighty assistants...Off! and Mod Podge..

And once they were completely dry I inserted the pillows into the covers and then double-knotted the ties. It is fine (for me personally) if there is a little gaping but that is a personal preference. One might choose to make the strips shorter or to add another pair or more ties to completely secure the pillow.

I am going to live with these ties as they are for a bit...

...I might cut them shorter, I might secure the glued inside ends further with some passementerie and add a little embellishment to the outer exposed edges. For today, they look good and are functional. An easy project, don't you think?

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