Friday, November 4, 2011

A Glimpse of One Week's Mini Projects

Along with other work-related goings-on I have been trying to complete smaller decorative projects in the house. I find creativity relaxing and in some instances, while the television is on in the background (and others are watching), I put my hand to some quick artwork. I can always find a home project that needs to  be done and on some days while watching a bit of television I can find my mind wandering to a new idea for artwork, repainting, furniture layout and so on. One of these mini projects I had been contemplating since early summer while I "accumulated" supplies.

This first one I think is still seasonal as we are not done with Thanksgiving yet and pumpkins are an integral part of the festivities. I saw this on a couple of blogs and decided it looked too good not to attempt to make my own.

I will reveal the details next week. I was determined to create something related to the Fall season before Halloween was over. I will not say much else except that I used a 480(!) page book.

The other project I completed on Saturday evening during the storm - halloween parties were either cancelled or postponed and we were housebound. This is a decorative piece for the basement/children's playroom which was so easy (and the coke can is part of it).

And lastly, I mixed and tested some sample paints I had from previous projects, again on Saturday night....

and started work on this...
I hope you will return to see more details. Have you been working on anything fun? I have some blog reading to catch up on. I have had and internet connectivity (and phone) issues for the past few days so therefore have not posted anything since earlier in the week.

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