Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I am back, and my dining room curtains

I am glad to be back.
My dining room curtains went up a few weeks ago. I have bought a new camera and have been learning to take better pictures and experiment with settings on Picasa so you will see some pictures looking a little different in this post.

I used the same bronze finish curtain rod I had in the dining room before. I had considered changing the finish but for now it will do.
If you recall, I had purchased the curtains on my trip to India in August. I bought four.
They were about 4" too short in length which I only discovered on my return. I had measured one curtain while in the store and had expected them all to be the same size. Anyway, I shopped online for some beaded trim which would work well with the curtains and came across this Isabella crystal fringe on Warehouse Fabrics Inc.
These curtains, unfortunately, have a noticeable difference in their lengths if you look close enough at the top gold border. This picture shows you two curtains and a difference in the height of the borders.

At the base, though, it is less noticeable. It gives a sense of movement.

I love the overall luminous and flowy feel the curtains lend to the room. This is exactly what I had in mind when I chose them. They also balance the darker stenciled walls. I also like that the patterned border hits just below the chair rail.

I had the curtain rod installed so that the beaded trim just skims the floor.


Thank you to those of you who emailed me when out of concern I had not posted in a while.
It was a bizarre November starting with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and so many problems of different sorts being encountered by many, many people in the Northeast. We were among the more fortunate with just a loss of power for four nights. We had extended family who had no power for up to 10 days  - from 11 to 18 people - staying over and some over just for meals. Subsequently other events occurred which kept me from posting. Many have suffered unimaginable losses and we continue to keep them in our thoughts as we try to get back to some routine.

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