Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream House Guest Post at Saved by Suzy

Today, I am excited to be sharing my idea of a dream house on Saved by Suzy. I discovered Suzy's blog recently; her posts are fun and interesting and one can learn so much from them and even though we have never met I am sure we would get along really well if we did!

Ideas for Southern Homes: Front Porches
via Southern Living photo Erica George Dines
The Dream House post was fun to work on and really got me thinking. Although I was busy with other things while doing this post I found myself thinking more about the topic and searching for that perfect picture to share. As you will see, I did not hold back. Do visit Suzy's blog here to read all about it and do check out the rest of her great blog. And let me know what you think of my Dream(y) House!

Thanks again, Suzy!

Saved By Suzy

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