Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspiration For The Dining Room

Do you recall this image? This is Fleming Villa in the Goldeneye Hotel & Resort, Jamaica. I had published a post about it here.

Golden Eye

There is something about the colors of this picture that made me think about my dining room which has been undergoing a transformation. This is the direction I was planning to go in  - I was considering either pops of teal/aqua or deep orange.

The colors in the picture above are cool and warm and work harmoniously with each other to give one a sense of tranquility to create an atmosphere for relaxation as well as a sense of fun and an energy which would be perfect for a space in which one can entertain.

The dark walls are in this rich color.

I had it matched in Behr's Premium Ultra Plus.

The furniture in my dining room is dark therefore I went dark with the walls so that the furniture would blend in more.

I love the pops of aqua and deep orange hues in Fleming Villa. Last week, while looking for fabric for other projects, I came across this stunning deep orange fabric on It is a microsuede called Vintage Suede Pumpkin.

Vintage Suede Pumpkin

These are my dining room chairs which require reupholstery and I am leaning toward the orange fabric. The chairs were purchased from Ethan Allen about 10 years ago and the fabric was from Calico Corners.

I do have a growing collection of blue-and-white pieces which ties in to the shades of cobalt in they sky as the sun sets in the picture.

I have to work in the aqua and some of the gold tones.

This color palette has worked its way into my dining room with perfect timing and I am so excited about it so far.

Once again, the hotel room..

Golden Eye

Dining room so far...

I know I could make it work.

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  1. Looking great. Love that pop of orange.

  2. I like where you're going with this Lisa and the blue and white pieces are really pretty. My hope for our next home is to have an area where I can actually display items such as these that have been packed away because we don't have anywhere for them right now (due to my sweet little toddler). And I think those punches of color would be great in your room as well.

  3. Love hearing how someone with a trained eye looks at the inspiration picture ... I would have totally not thought to include the blue of the evening sky because it wasn't part of the "room", but you are so right that it is a major element that makes the overall pic stunning. Looking at your dining room elements I can really see the scheme of the inspiration pic developing. Eager to see how you layer in the aqua and gold!

    1. Do it Lisa do it, cover your chairs in the microsuede it cleans up beautifully and...ok me personally I love orange...;)You're doing such a terrific job pulling in all the colors but where to fit that gorgeous teal......


  4. Lisa,

    The orange idea is fantastic. It'll look beautiful your room.

  5. It's gorgeous. The pumpkin microsuede will be so pretty on the chairs - can't wait to see!!

  6. Lisa, your dining room will be just gorgeous. I love the inspiration you chose and can't wait to see it come together; there's no doubt you can pull it off. The pumpkin chair fabric will look great as well as being practical/easy to clean in a dining space. Keep us posted!

  7. Love, love the inspiration photo and the dark walls. . . your dining room is pretty and can't wait to see the finished product/room!!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  8. fabulous!!! I will love to see the pictures! have fun!

  9. Love the orange, and I love to see your inspiration photo coming to life!

  10. Spot on, Lisa. I can't wait to see the reveal!

  11. I love everything about it! You have managed to create such a warm and welcoming room Lisa!

  12. Looks like you're headed in the right direction! Those are dramatic colors and will transform your dining room, I'm sure.

  13. Mmmm yum I seriously love that rich deep orange for the space, and also the pop of the brighter cobalt blue! Great inspiration picture and how you are translating it to your dining room!

  14. Love me some orange and the wall
    Great color combinations, Lisa