Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Own Artwork For the Basement

The redecorating of the basement is slowly coming together. This is the artwork my kids and I worked on a couple of weeks ago.


Our inspiration was this amazing piece done by Connie at Salvage Savvy. I have it pinned on my Canvas Art board on Pinterest.

Using a 16x20 canvas board and some acrylic paint we had in the house, the kids painted the entire piece in this turquoise color. This served as the  background.

Then, using watercolor paints and paper we chose color combinations to paint on. There was no plan with the swirls or streaks. I did shades of orange swirls. The kids chose pink and purple, blue, green and some brown.

Using a papercutter, each sheet was cut into 1"x1" squares - sorry no picture of the cut squares.

We assembled a random pattern of the squares on the turquoise-painted canvas to give us an idea of how the piece would look overall in terms of color placement.

And then the glueing process began. I used Elmer's glue.

The kids will agree this was a fun and easy piece to create which they will enjoy for a very long time. Having created themselves makes it more special. Definitely worth trying with kids of any age.

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