Friday, September 21, 2012

Can you guess which rug I chose?

Last week I talked about shopping for a rug. After much research online and in stores I traipsed into west elm a few times and decided to go with one from their selection. And because I waited I was rewarded with a 15% reduction in price -  all rugs happened to be on sale till Sept 24th!

Can you guess which rug I chose?

Gorgeous texture!
I went with a 9' x 12' Chevron Knot Rug. I decided on this one because of its texture and pattern as well as because the color would be versatile in any room. I wanted to downplay the formality of the living room. 
The rug looks a little different in the picture above from the west elm picture below due to lighting as well as because one is a close-up. It is the same rug.

It has been delivered and I spent the better part of this afternoon moving furniture out of and back into the living room in order to position the rug pad and the rug. I did not want to wait for help to do this -  evenings are busy and so is this weekend. It was not easy but I did it.

This is a picture in the midst of the chaos, attempting to unravel the rug pad. And subsequently all the furniture was moved out of the room while I set about precisely positioning it before unwrapping the rug itself.

I am working on a new layout for the main seating area in the living room - something a little different. I drew it out and it seemed to work and I am trying it with the new rug. All will be revealed.
Enjoy your weekend as we head into Autumn!
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