Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creativity by artful home

There is no limit to creativity as is apparent from these stunning pieces from artful home.

Red Cherries - Art Glass Sculpture - by Donald Carlson
Red Cherries by Donald Carlson

Pencil Sharpener - Beaded Sculpture - by Kathy Wegman and Tom Wegman
Pencil Sharpener by Kathy & Tom Wegman

Transit Chair - Recycled Metal Chair - by Boris Bally
Transit Chair by Boris Bally

All Things Near and Dear - Ceramic Sculpture - by Cathy Broski
All Things Near & Dear by Cathy  Broski

Glass Candleholder: Blue Stripe - Art Glass Candleholder - by Ed Edwards

Water Fountain - Color Photograph - by George Diebold
Water Fountain by George Diebold

Screen - Wood Screen - by David Kiernan
Screen by David Kiernan

Eggplant Classic Tea - Ceramic Teapot & Cups - by Judith Weber
Eggplant Classic Tea by Judith Weber

Blue Patina Bench - Steel Bench - by David Coddaire
Blue Patina Bench by David Coddaire

Forsythia - Giclee Print - by Nancy Herman
"Forsythia" Giclee Print by Nancy Herman

Squarbles - Art Glass Paperweights - by Nicholas Kekic

Linear Collection, III - Giclee Print - by Melissa Leaym-Fernandez
Linear Collection III by Melissa Leaym-Fernandez

Jessie Coffee Table - Concrete, Art Glass & Wood Coffee Table - by Terence S. Dubreuil
Jessie Coffee Table by Terence S. Dubreuil

Poet's Bottle: Hope - Glass Bottle - by Jeff Crandall
Poet's Bottle: Hope by Jeff Crandall

Prosperity Bowl (#8) - Ceramic Bowl - by Cheryl Williams
Prosperity Bowl (#8) by Cheryl Williams

Tall Table Lamp - Glass & Metal Lamp - by David Leppla and Melanie Guernsey-Leppla
Tall Table Lamp by David Leppla & Melanie Guernsey-Leppla

Ocean Laughter - Art Glass Sculpture - by Bernie Huebner and Lucie Boucher
Ocean Laughter by Bernie Huebner & Lucie Boucher

Mother of Pearl Tapestry Vanity Mirror - Mixed-Media Mirror - by Lara Moore
Mother-of-Pearl Tapestry Vanity Mirror by Lara Moore
Tipped Bottle Ensemble - Art Glass Bottles - by David Royce
Tipped Bottle Ensemble by David Royce

Table Luminaire - Ceramic Table Lamp - by Muhammad Moussa
Table Luminaire by Muhammad Moussa

Apple Table - Wood Side Table - by Kino Guerin
Apple Table by Kino Guerin

Do any of these items compel you to be creative today?

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