Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Living Room Wall Display

Over the summer I came across CHAI Honolulu on Facebook. This is a store based in Honolulu, Hawaii, selling handmade bedding and decorative accessories, rustic and reclaimed wood furniture, to name a few things. I contacted the owner and asked if I could somehow purchase these amazing reclaimed wood mirrors I saw on the store's FB page. I ordered three (sold separately). I loved the color variations and the rustic element and thought they would look good behind the couch in the living room over the decals. I like mixing styles and in this case pairing the elegant with the rustic. I thought the mirror shapes were interesting and fun and I planned to place them together as a set.

Each piece is different and I had the owner pick out the three for me after I gave her an idea what I wanted.

I had to find the right hooks and I came across a pack of these at Michaels. Perfect.

I had written a post on my decal layout here. I was ready to hang the mirrors and tried to figure out a layout for these while not entirely messing with the decal pattern. I decided to place two of them at the same height and one centered slightly above in almost a triangular pattern.

First attempt with the smallest mirror in the center.

 Then I moved them around.

Lastly, I decided to add a picture - this stunning teal/turquoise/green silk artwork which was a gift from Brazil and which I have had for many years - to the display.

An easy way to add this color combination that I love and have been trying to incorporate into the living room. Wrote about it here and here.

I do love the look and the colors tie in to the sofa and throw pillows and makes for an interesting wall feature. I like the addition of the framed silk artwork.

Do you like the mirrors? And do you like the wall display overall? Do you prefer the wall with or without the artwork?

I have not posted in a week as I have been busy with various things - Holiday festivities, school events, work and more. Will share some of my other seasonal projects with you soon.

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