Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting a tween room: color update

In my last post I shared a design board for my younger daughter's room. Now a tween, her room needed an update. Repainting the walls was the easiest and most budget-friendly way. That was all she wanted, anyway. She was pushing for a shade of purple; the louder the better. I wanted something more mauve or a darker lilac.

We tackled the project this past weekend. I have some touching up still to do and of course, the cleaning up. Here is a peek.

The color we settled on was Benjamin Moore's Hazy Lilac.


After buying a sample and testing it on the walls I had initially decided to lighten the color by 50%. I also decided to use Home Depot's BEHR Premium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one) in order to keep this budget friendly. By computer, the store is able to match and lighten or darken colors to other brands based on the formula.
Somehow, perhaps because it was a busy afternoon when I visited Home Depot last week, I came away with the original shade of Hazy Lilac. It was not lightened. I chose to use the color anyway. It had been my daughter's original #1 choice.
I love how it looks and more importantly, so does my daughter.
Of course, we removed the tree wall stickers from the walls before painting.
These are the stickers she chose to save and reuse in the newly painted room. They were easy to remove.
Her favorites are the owls, the porcupine, birds, a few flowers and leaves. Where they will go is yet to be determined.
Over the next couple of days I will put the room back together. There are a couple of elements that will need a little time to be worked on.
It sets off the floral chandelier beautifully.

This is before.

And now.

This is a great color for a tween/teen. Fresh and modern and girlish. I love the contrast with the white trim. It will work well with the other elements in the room. 

Click here to see the design board for this room.
I shall be back with more updates.

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