Monday, February 13, 2012

Progress On The Jewelry Organizer

My last post highlighted a dire need for some jewelry organizing and from the responses I received I am relieved yet not surprised that there are others in need of the same. This is what I accomplished last week.

I had purchased some hardware cloth. I opened it up and tried to straighten it a little. I placed it beneath two dining room chairs.

Not an easy task.

Meanwhile, I bought some Krylon fusion spray paint for plastic with which to spray the two garden stakes.

That took the stakes from this.... this. You can see the textured shimmer. I propped each stake in some wet soil in a pot. It was windy when I did this and I had to rush through this part. Sorry, no pictures. When it was dry I inverted it and did the same for the other end. I did a couple of layers of spray paint.

I searched True Value for something strong with which to tie the stakes to the hardware cloth. I was thinking metallic wire but realized that would be difficult to maneuver through the grid. I came upon some twine - 188ft for $3.29. As the label reads it is twisted nylon and multi-purpose and good for boating, building, crafts. In other words - strong.

Once the stakes were dry I laid out the fencing on an old sheet on the floor in the family room.

I began by knotting the twine at one corner.

I did a couple of basic very tight knots to hold the stake in place. A few specks of the textured shimmer paint began to come off a little due to the abrasion but as I had sprayed a couple of layers of paint on the stakes this turned out to be fine. I will add a protective finish when I am done.

Working my way down the hardware cloth I did what is a basic blanket stitch. Attending convent school at one point in my life I had to do a sewing class and was probably taught this stitch then. I forgot what it was called and had to look it up. This seemed the obvious way (to me) to tie the stake to the grid.

Details on the stitch..

Loop the twine over (away from you) and under the part you want to attach it to.

When it is under, pull it towards you in the middle like you want to create a knot.

Keep pulling to tighten.

 Tighten as you pull in the direction you want to work on next.

And repeat.

One side down. On to the other side.

I took the hardware cloth outside and laid it on some newspaper. I wanted to spray it with the same textured shimmer spray by Krylon.

All sprayed.


I browsed the shelves of the hardware store and found these pieces.

More on that in the next post. Stay tuned!

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