Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hardware Decor And Update On My Project

Have you visited your local hardware store recently? When you do, have you spent time browsing the shelves? There is so much available that can be used for different projects, large and small, at reasonable prices. Your local hardware store is a wonderful resource for items that can be transformed into something beautiful that will enhance any space.

Here are some perfect examples of chic and decorative creations using such mostly functional items. The first two are courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

Hardware Sconce via 

A novel idea!
Modern Wine Rack via

Yes, one would need a hacksaw for this one.

Here are some ideas I have pinned on Pinterest. The following three are highlighted in the book by Stephen Antonson and Kathleen Hackett (authors) entitled 'Home From The Hardware Store: Transform Everyday Materials Into Fabulous Home Furnishings.' Photography by Lesley Unruh.
These could be painted or not.

Pinned Image
Machine-Age Candlesticks via

Something fun for storage in a kids' space or mudroom.

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Chic Wall Storage via

Space-Age Table and Periscope Lamp via

I have been plugging away at my jewelry organizing/display piece which I posted about here and here.

Besides the hardware cloth and garden stakes, I also picked up some shower curtain rings, pin-on hooks and slip-in drapery hooks. I found some pretty metal chains which I knew I had to include in the design. These are typically sold by the foot for anywhere from 99 cents and up. I picked up 3 different designs in different gold finishes (matte, polished, embossed) and paid $2.14 per foot for the priciest chain.

Besides the paint and protective finish, these have been my purchases so far.

I have also sprayed the grid with a protective finish, Rust-Oleum's clear top coat.

And used Krylon Short Cuts metallic paint in Gold Leaf for the hardware. I love combining silver and gold to create a modern look and this is a perfect opportunity to do just that - gold hardware on a silver grid.

I wanted to soften the look of the piece - so much metal - and also cover the sharp edges. I looked through my fabric scraps and found some red flannel left over from a patchwork stadium blanket my kids had sewn for their father a couple of years ago. I cut strips of fabric and used Liquid Nails - my first time using this product -  to glue the fabric around the edges.

Then I proceeded to glue the chain (with the smallest links) to the inside of the frame. This is what part of it looked like.

It started to look good but not for long. Perhaps it was the wrong combination of materials but it would not adhere properly and started to look messy. I could not control the quantity of glue for each application. 

I was not happy so I have ripped the fabric off and the chain, too. I might make another attempt with some cobalt blue flannel I have, if I have enough, or else it is on to Plan B. It is worth another try and would save me having to  make another purchase.

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