Friday, June 29, 2012

In Search Of Frames

With many prints, a couple of posters, canvas pieces and artwork from school and photographs accumulating in the house, I am in need of simple and certainly affordable frames of various sizes to showcase these.

May/Jun 2011

I have been looking into various options on Amazon, Target and Poster Frame Depot. There are many choices to suit individual needs no matter what your style may be.

Whether creating an asymmetric gallery wall....

Dec 2010

...adding bold statement artwork to brighten up a space....

...displaying an oversized poster on a wall or propped up against it....

 Wall art

...matching frames in a kids' space....

Nov/Dec 2011

...or for a sophisticated gallery...

June/July 2012

..or even using shadow box frames to add dimensional artwork to a wall and showcase a treasured collection ...

Doubled Wall Art

..or one of my favorite ideas - incorporating framed fabric pieces of similar colors and/or patterns in varying sizes resulting in a unique grouping...
framed red and white embroidery

...there are some great, affordable options for finding the right frame. Last year I had shared these 4 silk scarves which I had framed in pairs in standard poster frames from Target

The backing is cardboard - not ideal. I might redo these with good quality and affordable custom frames. Poster Frame Depot offers custom sizes as well as a choice of lens covers and backings and the required hardware . Definitely something worth considering.

And I also have this 3' 2" x 5' 2" piece. Shared here.

Although I Iike it this way, in order to preserve it for a very long time I will have to frame it some time soon.
I will keep you posted as I work my way from print to poster, from frame to frame.

Where do you shop for frames?

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