Monday, September 12, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration for Car Enthusiasts

Take a look at some terrific bedroom ideas for those crazy about cars. One does not have to be an enthusiast to truly appreciate the effects. The main design element in these spaces are the beds with some amazing car hoods. This theme has been carried through the whole room including the walls, the floor and in some instances the ceiling, too. I like the effect of the large scale black-&-white posters on the walls in the two vintage-inspired rooms, the more minimalist spaces.

The Car Wash
Car Inspired Bed Design

The Racetrack
Bedroom Interior Design Cars Culture

The Gas Station
Car Design Bedroom Interior Design

Mid Century Modern
Bedroom Interior Design Enthusiast

Vintage Racetrack
Car Bedroom Interior Design Decoration

Drive-In Movie
Amazing Bedroom Interior Design Furniture

Auto Shop
Classic Car Furniture Bedroom Interior Design
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Aren't these amazing! My favorites would be the Mercedes (car wash) and the VW Beetle (gas station - anyone ever watch The Love Bug movies?) beds. Which one is your favorite?

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