Friday, January 6, 2012

Stationery Closet Part 2 - The Stenciling Begins

In my last post I talked about the initial plan for the closet in terms of decorating the interior walls. I chose to stencil. You could read about it here. That was Part 1. Today I will share with you Part 2 (of 3 or perhaps 4).

I emptied the closet and removed the shelves. I then proceeded to mix my paint samples, Behr's Tibetan Orange and Benjamin Moore's Honeywheat. I have a supply of Zoo Pals disposable paper plates for when littler kids visit and these plates do occasionally come in useful for my mini projects. I used this little creature this particular day because the orange in the ears tied in to the orange paint and I like to keep everything coordinated when I am working on a project. Actually, I was is just a coincidence but it does look pretty with that bubble gum pink face, doesn't it?

I noticed a few scuff marks in spots which I decided to clean up with Mister Magic as I was not planning to paint the walls. They are, for the most part, in fine condition.

I brought out a couple of sponge brushes from my small stockpile, a measuring tape for basic measuring and some Scotch Blue tape to hold the stencil in place. I did soak and scrub the stencil after initial use although it still looks discolored - it was technically clean. (Should have had the light on for this picture).

The work begins...this was fun. I had mentioned in the earlier post that I wanted to get a wood-blocked effect and so I proceeded to stencil with a sponge brush. I held it perpendicular to the wall; light jabs.
First one done.

Stencil removed. A closer view. As you can see there is slight bleeding in a couple of spots but I like it like that.
On to the next one. I started this time on the left.

 Right-hand bottom corner and so on...

Then I decided to work the stencil pattern upward from the middle.
My pattern was determined as I got further into the stenciling. Sometimes it is easier to have a pattern in mind before starting but I was not fussed about that and knew it would fall into place. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that this is how I sometimes do my home projects.

A closer look at multiple sunflowers. So far so good.
Well, naturally, I did not leave it at that. More pictures to follow soon. Have a great weekend!
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