Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thinking About This Chandelier

My almost 14-year-old's room has been undergoing some gradual redecorating for the past year or so. I had shared some ideas for it here last year. This chandelier, purchased about 8 years ago from The Bombay Company, has stayed in this room and was perfect for the little girls' room - both girls shared it for some time - which was painted in Benjamin Moore's Cotton Candy. Now it is in Behr's Harmonious.

Clearly this fixture, as it looks right now with the pink crystals, does now quite fit the room. I had decided that this would be replaced with something more suitable, teen-appropriate, updated.

The original shades were a cotton candy pink and I replaced them a couple of years ago with these ivory ones.

Over the past few months I have come across some very interesting DIY light fixtures which I would love to attempt to create. These I have pinned on Pinterest.

I love the texture of these hemp pendants.

Pinned Image

Book page chandelier.

Pinned Image

Orb Chandelier.

Pinned Image

And this fun and colorful piece created with crayons and wax paper.

Pinned Image

Due to time constraints and because I want to finally create the absolutely perfect piece for her and because I am yet undecided, the original chandelier is still here.

So I have been looking at it with a different eye. The mini shades are a little crooked because I kept taking them off and putting them back on as I determined the look of the fixture without the shades on.

I will keep you posted on my decision.

Meanwhile, I received this flyer in the mail along with my recent Con Ed bill. It has outlined some important points  - Electric Safety: What You Need To Know - some of which I were not aware of. I thought I would share just a few with you here:
  • Don't use appliances during an electric storm. Unless it is an emergency, do not use phones with cords. (I knew only to switch off the central air system during a storm - if lighting strikes the outdoor unit when it is on, that could potentially blow the entire system causing major damage and $$ in repairs).
  • Don't place electric cords under carpets or furniture.
  • Never staple or nail cords to walls or baseboards.
  • A tear-drop shaped darkening by an outlet or wall plate may indicate heat build-up.
  • Unplug unused appliances. (This one I am aware of and I always unplug the toaster and electric kettle when not in use. I know someone whose hairdryer caught fire because it was left plugged in - she was at work - this caused a fire in the apartment).
Additional information available at
Con Ed,
Electric Safety Foundation,
Consumer Products Safety Commission

Sometimes in an emergency or when we are in hurry or even in the name of good decorating and design - like wires under carpeting -  little things can be overlooked and can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Be safe.

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