Monday, June 13, 2011

Beautifully Handcrafted by Jennifer Carter

I get very excited when I discover products that are eye-catching as well as beautifully constructed and perfectly functional. I recently came across these clutches by Jennifer Carter. Using fabric in exquisite colors and patterns, Jennifer has created these pieces, available at her shop jcarterhandmade on Etsy.

NEW- Black Floral Lace Clutch/ Wallet Set
Black Floral Lace Clutch/Wallet Set

NEW- Teal Blooms KissLock Clutch
Teal Blooms Clutch

NEW- Country Fair Raisin KissLock Clutch
Country Fair Raisin Clutch

I have purchased a couple to give away as gifts and now I think I need to pick one up for myself. I know that's going to be quite a dilemma - to pick just one!
Ink and Pink Diamond KissLock Clutch
Ink and Pink Diamond Clutch

NEW- Purple Moroccan Tile KissLock Clutch
Purple Moroccan Tile Clutch

They are a perfect accessory to add that extra pop of color or a pattern to one's own wardrobe. Personally, I could see any one of these adorning the top of my dresser.

I have my eye on this one.
Grey Chain Link KissLock Clutch
Grey Chain Link Clutch

NEW- Whispering Birds in Spring KissLock Clutch
Whispering Birds in Spring Clutch

I absolutely love the block-print effect here!
Aqua Medallion KissLock Clutch
Aqua Medallion Clutch

Esther Toffee KissLock Clutch
Esther Toffee Clutch

NEW - Tiles in Dusty Blue KissLock Clutch
Tiles in Dusty Blue Clutch

Linen Rabbit of Royalty Clutch
Linen Rabbit of Royalty Clutch

Here are some examples of other items available at the shop. These card holders/small wallets can be bought individually or in a bundle. I bought a bundle and was able to choose any 5 different fabric patterns (of the selection available).
SPECIAL - 5 Card Holder/ Small Wallet Bundle
5 Card Holder/Small Wallet Bundle

Here is another example of Jennifer's work.
NEW- Pleated Shoulder Bag in Chocolate Elizabeth
Chocolate Elizabeth Pleated Shoulder Bag

Perfect as bridesmaids gifts, design-your-own Jewelry Rolls
NEW - Design Your Own Jewelry Roll - Whispering BirdsNEW - Design Your Own Jewelry Roll - Picnic Bouquets
Whispering Birds                        Picnic Bouquets                         

As you can see, so many amazing choices. Not an easy decision but definitely a must-have! Which one would you pick?

Click here to visit Jennifer's shop on Etsy where you will find her entire collection.

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