Thursday, June 2, 2011

Entryway Rug - Take the Poll

Last week I showed you a part of my entryway. The bench is really the focal point of the space. The room has no soft furnishings except the runner going up the stairs behind the bench (that does not count as it will be replaced soon).

I would really like to place a runner or rug of some sort in front of the bench to ground the space and add more visual interest.

Here are the options. Please take the poll at the end of this post to let me know which one you think would work and do leave a comment, too.

Cane Indoor/Outdoor Rug in chocolate
Cane Indoor/Outdoor Rug 1.

Arcadia Rug
Arcadia Total Performance Area Rugs 2.

Woven Diamond/Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Dash and Albert Rugs - RDB098 - Woven Diamond Denim / White Indoor / Outdoor Rug 3.

Rajputana Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Rajputana Outdoor Rug 4.

Embroidered Flatweave Rug
Embroidered Flatweave Rug 5.

I do have another option which currently lies on the floor of my guest room (soon to undergo a makeover). This was purchased some years ago on a trip to India.

Multicolored Dhurrie

Again, here is the space.

I also have these plates on the wall across from the bench.

Please take the poll below and leave me your comments.

  • Cane Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Chocolate
  • Arcadia Rug in Copper
  • Woven Diamond/Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  • Rajputana Outdoor Rug
  • Embroidered Flatweave Rug
  • Multicolored Dhurrie