Friday, February 8, 2013

Updating A Girl's Room - Design Boards

If I had created a basic design board for my youngest daughter's room a few years ago, this is what it might have looked like. She was about 8 years old then.
Source List: 
1. Scroll Tree Wall Stickers - Wall Sticker Outlet
2. Bed by Young America - local furniture store
3. Dresser and mirror - the same store above
4. Table lamp - PB teen
5. Kids' artwork inspired by Maria Carluccio - made by my kids
6. Curtains - west elm
7. Bed linen - PB teen
8. Paper table lamp - PB teen
9. Jenny Lind night stand - Land of Nod
10. Desk and hutch - local store
11. Blue Bayou - Benjamin Moore
12. Shag carpet tile - Flor
13. Bean bag - Pier 1
14. Bungee Office chair - The Container Store
 (Please note - Some of the items listed above are no longer available).

The room used to be my study. Blue Bayou by Benjamin Moore was already on the walls. When she moved to that room we kept  the color and worked with it to bring in additional colors and pieces which she was excited about. We already had the bed.

Now she is 11. It is time for an easy update with a reconfiguration of the same furniture. I strongly believe in the power of paint to transform a room. She is into shades of purple - the medium tones.
There is a purple in the linen as well as the chandelier. This color will also go well with the golden yellow curtains from west elm. The butterfly artwork done by the girls will tie in beautifully.

 This would be the design board with the new plan for the room.
Changes to Source List:
1. The Tree wall sticker will be "edited" - we shall keep the owls and some of the other cute animals but not the whole tree.
5. The artwork done by the kids in a Maria Carluccio style.

11. The new wall color from the 3 below.
(The bean bag has been removed so #13 is the Bungee Office Chair from The Container Store).
The furniture has been reconfigured and the room looks bigger than before. That will be shared in time. The next step is to paint samples of the 3 shortlisted colors (above) on the walls and pick one.
As you can see, this is no major overhaul. In a couple of years, she might want something different. A new paint color on the walls is the easiest and most cost-effective way to update and to change the look and feel of a space. And yes, a new layout of the furniture, if possible, works wonders, too.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you, like us, are heading into inclement weather, stay safe and warm.

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