Friday, September 16, 2011

Luxurious Bathrooms with A View

These were designed to maximize amazing, serene, magnificent views.

With a Japanese garden.

Panoramic views on top of a hill.

Warm tones and bathed in natural light.

Stunning ocean views.

Overlooking a grove of aspens.

Unique plaster which reflects light and a planned view of the church steeple.

Floor-to-ceiling windows.

Indoor-outdoor environment with picture window and skylight.

Old meets new - a contemporary space with a view of an Austrian castle.

Aren't these so beautiful? I think each one succeeds in creating a relaxing space by drawing in the outdoors. I really could not pick one favorite but if I had to I would have to pick three - the one with the ocean view (love any water views), the one with the aspen grove has an amazing shower and the indoor-outdoor bath exudes warmth. Do you like the idea of making the most of the outdoors when designing a bathroom? Which one is your favorite?

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