Friday, February 17, 2012

New Color For The Jewelry Organizer And Weekend Project

Well, the blue flannel fabric was more than enough for me to make another attempt at framing the jewelry organizer. I also added two different strands of chain links to jazz it up. I need help cutting one of the strands so I can finish this up and I know this will all be accomplished by tomorrow. I used my glue gun and many hot glue burns later here is a glimpse.

I actually prefer the gold against the blue rather than the red flannel fabric I showed you in my previous post. 

You might see strands of glue on the fabric if you look closely. I have to clean up the piece once I am done. This is what I need help with, hopefully this evening.

I cannot wait to get it done and to start using it. My jewelry awaits.

I picked up the paint for the dining room - Deep Space it is! I have started emptying the breakfront and plan to begin prepping the walls, taping and so on this weekend and hopefully get some paint on, too.

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