Thursday, August 4, 2011

No-Sew Throw Pillow Covers

A few months ago I purchased a selection of napkins from World Market online (unfortunately no stores in the NY/NJ/CT area, from what I can tell). I love the colors in them (the blue-green combination) as well as the block print-like pattern and the ric-rac trim. I knew I would use them at some point in some capacity.

I wanted to add more throw pillow covers to my ever-growing collection and needed something different in the family room so I decided I to put some Fabric Fusion to work with the napkins. Also, these colors would work perfectly in the room.

I had purchased two different patterns (small and large) in this blue and green combination so I decided to combine one of each to create the cover.

I washed the napkins and did a light (as is apparent) ironing first. Next I determined which way I wanted the patterns to face when the pillow is turned around and where the opening would be. I then placed one napkin over the other (different pattern) as shown below, aligning them as best I could, right sides facing out (as you would if you were going to insert the pillow). 

I applied the Fabric Fusion to the hemmed portion of the lower piece.

I repeated this on three sides. Remember, these are homemade and no-sew and may not necessarily - in my case did not abolutely have to - align perfectly. This is a small section of the cover after Fabric Fusion was applied.

Once dried (after time indicated on bottle), this is what the seam looked like on the whole.

I think it looks pretty good!

Well, as you might have guessed, my work is not done. This is what I shall be working on today - the opening.

Old pillow peeking through

I considered different options and then decided on ties. These were so easy to put together thus far. I shall hopefully be able to share the completed covers with you tomorrow.
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