Monday, August 22, 2011

At Home with Green & Blue, Teal & Turquoise - The Living Room

I like to change things around in the house, challenging myself to do something different every so often. It is certainly not due to boredom but really to see if I can discover a new effect in a room while enjoying the items I already have. This is one of the reasons I love what I do!

In an effort to add more teal and/or turquoise to my living room I have been largely focusing on what I own already (purchased or been gifted with over the years). I love the effects of this color combination in a space. I had published a post about the effects of blue and green together a few weeks ago. I did, however, purchase a couple of items over the past few months because they were too stunning to pass up.

Here are some of the items I have which I have been playing around with recently in the living room.

These colors make me happy. I love the effects. Some are older, a couple are new. Details to follow. Do you have any favorite colors at the moment or through the year?

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