Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dining Room

The formal dining room is a generous size - 14'  x 16.5'. Unfortunately, we use it infrequently. The plan is to make some changes. But first, let me share some pictures of the room with you. The colors on the wall were carried through from the living room (Benjamin Moore's Dill Pickle below chair rail and Dark Linen above). The dining table can seat up to ten comfortably. We bought a beautiful table and 8 chairs. Subsequently we bought a breakfront some years later. It was a floor sample and was quite discounted and gorgeous so we grabbed it. It houses a lot of my blue-and-white china and other special pieces.

This is the view from the family room. I love the French doors. This (family room) part of the house used to be an enclosed porch before we extended the back of the house. Till a few months ago I had an old 11 ft x 9 ft rug underneath - a "bachelor" rug purchased (not by me) before I was married; it was used in three different living rooms including the one in this house. I decided I like the openness of the room without a rug (for now, anyway).

It took me a while to decide on a chandelier - this was ten years first time picking one out for personal use. I loved this particular one because of the shape and warm glow through the tinted frosted glass sconces. A few Christmases ago, while decorating the house for the season, I decided to string a couple of random strings of pearls I had lying in the boxes. It lends a more elegant feel to the chandelier and is something unexpected. The pearls have never been removed.

I am waiting to remove/re-hang some artwork in other rooms so you see some stacked against the wall. Like I said, this room is used infrequently. You can see through to the living room.

This built-in I truly appreciate because it is original to this 72-year-old colonial. Unfortunately, the doors do not shut completely and on occasion, the one at the top opens after a lot of arm strength has been applied - sometimes I need help to do that. Well, that is part of the character, I suppose! I currently have three sets of curtains hanging by this 6ft. wide window - for color, texture and pattern. I was trying out the look one day and I really liked it. And these silhouette shades I had installed in the living room, too.

The carpet recently removed and waiting to be given away. I thought I could use it in the finished attic but have now decided against it.

This picture was taken on a dark and rainy day. 

View of my photo gallery in the kitchen. This French door is a swing door. The original door used to be a swing door with no view through to the other room which, in my opinion, was an accident waiting to happen, therefore I replaced it. So much better.
This is a marvellous space with so much potential. I want to use it more. I have a plan for the dining room, some of which I hope to get done before the holidays, time permitting. I will share the plant with you soon shortly.

In your opinion, do you think a dining room must have an area rug? I think it depends on various factors - the rug, the table, the space - there is no rule.

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