Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy Tree-Shaped Napkin Rings

I wanted to share with you a way to add an additional festive element to your entertaining this season. My color scheme for the dinner table is shades of silver with touches of gold. I did not have enough napkin rings for thirty people (when I was planning this particular event) so I decided to make my own.
I came across this simple craft for tree-shaped napkin rings my Martha Stewart.

I bought shimmering gold scrapbook from Joann's and also had to pick up some silver ones as they did not have enough gold in stock. My kids love getting involved in the fun projects and my youngest had some free time on occasion to help me out with this. This was easy although it required some cut of thick paper. 

I proceeded to print out the tree template from here and traced it onto the back of the craft paper (I did silver and gold equally). And then we cut out the template.

I traced the outline onto tracing paper, then flipped it over and went over the tracing again onto the back of the scrapbook paper I wanted to use.

Then we cut it out.

I used pewter colored paper napkins.

I worked on putting everything together in a large tray. I folded each napkin over a set of flatware so they were held down in a pocket-like holder.

Then I rolled them.

And lastly, held everything together with the napkin rings - gold and silver.

I lined a couple of platters with silver paper doilies.

These pictures are just to give you the idea. I arranged them better on the day.

This idea was much appreciated on this particular evening. My own recommendation, if you do try this, is to use paper that is not too thick as that will make for quicker and easier cutting.

One could make these in any shape depending on the occasion. All one needs is the basic outline of an item - an ornament, a leaf, a balloon, for example. These could also be further adorned with beads or trinkets or something else decorative.

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