Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ethan Allen Chairs - Favorites

On a week when forces of nature took us by surprise (East Coast earthquake) and could potentially cause severe damage (hurricane Irene) I look to the comforts within the home.

This pair of chairs from Ethan Allen (named Corsica; no longer available) are some other favorite pieces in the house. I purchased them some years ago and found this amazing chinoiserie-inspired fabric (also no longer available) at the same time.


The coral-toned birds are so beautiful against the gold (described as "clay"). I absolutely loved the combination then and have not tired of this delicate pattern. It will take a really special fabric to replace this one come the day that I have to reupholster these chairs.

I love the elegance of the chair together with the obvious comfort (upholstered back and sizeable seat, 24"D x 27"W in front). It looks good and it feels good.

 Do you have a favorite item that has served you well for many years or one you would not want to change?

On another note..I was crowned today thanks to my kids' artwork..check it out at La-Dee-Da Creations!

diva thursday    Diva Thursday: Who will be crowned this week?

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