Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Totes - Something for Everyone

This summer is no different from any other in the array of totes available. The season is not over, and you know you will use these every year. They come in different shapes and sizes and a multitude of colors and patterns, something for every budget. 
My daughters have also got their own mini collection depending on the task requirement (piano, library, pool, playdate, ...). Our assortment is hung in the mudroom when not in use and they certainly add some interest to the room (nook, really) that would normally tend to be more functional. Summer can be busy with different activities and events - there is a tote for every occasion for everyone. Here is a small selection.
Anchors Away Beach Bag

Gold Metallic Beach Bag
Diamond-Knit Tote from Anthropologie

Sunscreen & Sandals Beach Bag

Owl tote
Owl Tote from Busydaystudio on Etsy

Feed Guatemala 3  from American Eagle

Wanstead Chambray Tote Bag
Summer Tote in Rainbow Batik
Rainbow Batik Tote from MilkandHoneyHandBags via Etsy

Nautical canvas tote, shoulder bag

These I had picked up for my girls a few months ago from American Eagle

Beautiful Extra Large Beach Bag
Sale... Handmade Leaf Salad Tote Bag, Large Beach Bag, Gym Bag, Picnic Basket, hand coiled and hand wrapped fabric,  Unique

Vera Bradley at ebags

Take your pick!

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