Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Books As Decorative Accessories

I love books and am a huge fan of using them in pulling a room together. There are numerous ways to incorporate them and many reasons for doing so. They are a quick fix to add that much-needed pop of color, height for a vignette as well as to lend a layered look to a space. And it is always great when they are more accessible to read.


Enhancing an already casual room while stacked on the floor.

Sumptuous setting

This room uses books as layers of artwork across the walls and is also obviously a library of sorts.


via Elle Decor Photo Pieter Estersohn

photo Timothy Kolk

Are you a fan? Do you or would you use books in your decor?

On another note, I have been busy with extended family visiting from Canada and Australia. We did a road trip over a few days to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. It was fun and hectic at the same time. Scorching temperatures exhausted us while we walked through the cities and took in many museums and historical landmarks but it was enjoyable, nevertheless. This trip was the first of its kind for us.
I did take along my laptop with the intention of posting as well as visiting blogs but internet connection was frustrating in the hotels we stayed at so unfortunately I was unable to accomplish anything. I have some catching up to do.

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