Wednesday, December 4, 2013

White lights & decorating the kids' rooms for the holidays

As all the seasonal decorations are being brought down from the attic and I decide what will go where I thought about what I might do differently this year. Over the past year I have been working on my kids' rooms off-and-on - redecorating and reorganizing. I thought about surprising them with a string of white lights to brighten up a corner of each of their rooms. 

Coincidentally, as they helped me string white lights outside the house this past weekend, both of them separately said they wondered what it would be like to have lights in their rooms  - there goes my surprise!

This is what I did with 100 mini white lights in each room. 

The floating bookshelves in Isabel's room in her reading nook as shared with you some months ago (daytime, without the lights).

I thought this was the perfect area to illuminate as she loves reading and also I thought it would be fun to light up a corner!
I just placed the lights atop the books.

This is with the ceiling and bedside lights off.....

and on..

And then we have Emily's room, recently shared. Do you notice the stacked snowmen by the bean bag? It was in a "to donate" pile last week but she grabbed it for her room instead.

...random pattern with the lights...

This strand of lights was a little difficult to keep up as the art pieces kept moving with the weight. This needed two sets of hands and with Emily's help I got it to stay. 

White lights are inexpensive and add a festive touch anywhere. Be creative with a string or 2 of lights this season - white or colored.
The lights only stay on when the girls are in their rooms.

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