Friday, June 8, 2012

On The Coffee Table, New Blog Design & Anniversary

I am enjoying the daisy poms I purchased for last weekend's event; mostly for the dining table. I had 9 jars of them and if you recall, I did not fill them up entirely. I like them looking less arranged. These flowers bloom perfectly for a good 2 weeks. 

I have moved a couple of jars to the living room coffee table with my Manzanita candelabra from west elm. I have placed the jars between the branches.

I am playing around with the other items on the table to add some turquoise and teal colors. A work in progress.

It is certainly a more organic look than what I had before.

I am working on the styling of the table while I enjoy my flowers. I removed the rug that grounded this space. It is now in the master bedroom where it looks amazing. I am contemplating rug options for this space.

Here are more flowers on the end table by the sofa. I love how the sun catches them.

About my new blog design. I wanted a clean design with color and I did not want a design that would compete with pictures in my posts.

I had been a follower of The Mustard Ceiling blog from my early days of blogging (last summer). Some months ago I saw Elizabeth's impressive new designs of various other blogs and asked her to redesign mine.

On my search for ideas I came across this fun grey/natural and fuchsia pattern selection from Tracy Ann Digital Art on Etsy. I love the look of texture and this background has it. The pops of color modernizes it.

Thank you so much to Elizabeth for creating this in a timely and most efficient manner. She has done a great job! If you are considering any such design work do stop by Elizabeth's site and take a look at her portfolio. It speaks for itself.

A couple of weeks ago was one year since I first started blogging. And although I do not post every day it has become part of my routine, for the most part. I am always thinking about post ideas and taking a lot more photographs than I used to and I do also have to say I have made some truly wonderful blogging friends. I would love to meet you all!

Thank you for those who have been following my blog and are regular visitors!

Enjoy your weekend!

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