Thursday, September 22, 2011

Floral Chandelier & Decal Project Updates

Well, the floral chandelier about which I posted here has taken me a little longer to complete than I thought it would. Perhaps because it is a home project and not one for a "real" client. You may recall this picture from  my last chandelier post.

I decided I did not want to overwhelm the entire piece by covering the brass base of the sconces with leaves, too. One of the options I was considering was using pipe cleaners in a coordinating color or acrylic paint or floral pieces. I decided on acrylic paint when I came across aptly named Foliage Green by Americana.

I poured a little paint at a time onto a disposable plate and used a small foam brush.

I decided to use food bag clips to hold the leaves away from the metal as I painted as well as ScotchBlue painter's tape along the base of the leaves above the metal to prevent paint from getting on them. So therefore, a little more involved in the final stages. This is after just one coat of paint.

Did you catch the butterfly? Something I picked up at Michaels' in July. More to follow. Almost done with this one.

The other update is with the living room, posted about here, and the decals from Modern Wall Graphics behind the sofa.

After playing around with layout ideas I finally decided to go with a circular one to mimic the curve of the Hepburn sofa. (Sofa not in place here as I had to move it in order to access the wall).

I measured a portion of the main part of the wall determining how wide and how high I wanted to pattern to be. Then I found the center point of that box. I made a makeshift compass by tying a pencil to some string and holding the free end at the center point I lightly penciled a circle on the wall to give myself a boundary within which to work. (This picture taken by one of the kids so pardon the quality). If you decide to try a compass like this for any project I would recommend using a small pencil and holding it perpendicular to the wall so as not to mess with the shape of the circle - it gives a more accurate boundary. Also my circle was fairly large; it would be easier with two people.

Now to add some of these.

I have to take better pictures of this wall. We have not seen much sun in recent days and that has been part of the problem.
More to follow of this project, too. It is a little time-consuming when adding decals with an intricate pattern such as these to a wall. One has to ensure all the swirls come off neatly without ripping and everything adheres properly to the wall. But I am liking how it looks.

What do you think? Have you undertaken any interesting projects recently? I'd love to hear about them or send me a link. If you have any questions about any of the items above do not hesitate to email me.

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