Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Stenciling Is Complete

I have finished the stenciling of the closet. The lower half was done just this past week. My two posts on the initial stages can be read here and here.  Less words, more pictures.

I decided to lighten up the walls with the Behr's Ultra Premium sample I had in Harmonious. The colors work well together. I chose to randomly intersperse the Cutting Edge Moroccan Sunflower with just the center small flower in the blue. This blue is on the walls of the bedroom.

The closet is outfitted with built-ins from California Closets. There is one permanent shelf halfway up so I could not remove it for stenciling. I chose this as a point below which to change the pattern a little. I normally have one removable shelf placed before the permanent shelf so I chose to add more flowers in a linear sort of pattern across so that one can see them when the shelf is in place. I added some in Behr's Tibetan Orange, too but only below the permanent shelf on the side walls (pictures to follow).

 Below the shelving.

Looking at the right wall of the closet. The flowers look more red here but that is just because of the lighting. They are closer to a burnt orange.

I hung the light on the door knob to illuminate the whole closet so I could get a better picture.

The printer and light wiring and the little plastic stool which has been with us for many years - used to be useful for brushing of teeth and now it is used to reach the top shelves in the closet. In this case it helped me stencil the top of the closet. I am sure many of you own at least one of these!

More close-ups. Left wall.

Now to put all the items back in a more organized way. Will share it all. Stay tuned.

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