Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living Room Mantle and A Little Fall Decorating

I have been late in decorating for fall. Typically, I would start with just fall and then take the Halloween theme to a different level a week or so before the actually day and then tone it down again in time for Thanksgiving. I have been redecorating the mantle with some old items, some new items and with the fall season in mind. Over the years I have had a selection of framed pictures on it but recently  I have been trying to add more teal and turquoise (some of you know this already, as I have talked about it here, and I also wanted to incorporate fall colors.
A close-up.

This was my living room a few years ago after it was painted. The sconces had been hidden by a previous owner (there have been a handful; the house was built in 1939) and I was thrilled when the painter discovered them.

I painted the room this past February in Benjamin Moore's Meditation. I have yet to paint the trim. Here I was trying out different items on the mantle for height. I had thought about incorporating a mirror and had one lying around which I propped up. I was trying to bring in some sparkle and sheen. Also, mirrors help to expand and lighten up a space but here there is more sheen and less color.

I was not quite happy with the look. This cylindrical vase, for example, was a little too wide for the mantle and against the mirror although I liked the reflection in the mirror.

I tried some picture frames with these candlesticks which have a beautiful teal color.
Again, love the refection. But I preferred the candlesticks elsewhere in the living room (will share with you in another post). I decided to do away with the mirror idea for now.

After adding decals on the wall across (above sofa) I decided to use some above the mantle as I had some spare. With no definite layout in mind, I placed the decals within the center moulding frame. I placed some of my more colorful decorative items on the mantle to get a sense of the look I wanted and to decide which items and colors would look best when combined.

These were some of the smaller patterns I had to incorporate.

This is what I have decided on. The pumpkin came in a pack of five (purchased at Trader Joe's) and I decided this was an easy and relatively inexpensive way to incorporate fall/orange throughout the house (living, dining, family rooms and kitchen). I handed the pumpkins to my youngest and told her to place them where she thought they would look good and this is exactly where she placed one of them (less is more?). It ties in with the red/deep-orange carafe.

There is enough sheen and sparkle, color pops including fall colors with the red and orange (although just a hint).

Pictured at night with just the sconces switched on.


I love the look. I think it is fun and there is enough interest with the color, texture, some sparkle and sheen without it being too over-the-top. Do you like the effect? Do you like the color combination? Feel free to comment on my fall decor, too :) At least it is a start.

I shall share more details of each piece as well as sources in another post this week so stay tuned.

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