Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is in the air....

...even though it might be snowing. There is a hint of spring in the air in my house, at least. While I took down the holiday decorations in January I contemplated the post-Christmas/still-winter decor, particularly on the mantle.

I used a couple of branches of these silver berries and just placed them on across the mantel in no specific manner. And then I interspersed 2 votives randomly.

Honestly, I had no flowers on here for a while but taller votives. Last weekend I was entertaining and I went in search of some color to herald the coming of spring - soon, I hope. I needed some florals for my dining table, too.

I found gorgeous African roses at the local Trader Joe's in shades of orange and fuchsia which I decided to use together.

I cut them down to fit in my spray-painted Salvation Army glasses now used as vases. This is what the 7" glasses looked like when I first bought them.

After some gold spray paint.

This works in my love for the silver-gold color combination.

The day after my party I moved the flowers from the dining room to the coffee table. They were perfect in my recycled salsa and preserves jars with some clear gems for sparkle.

A simple arrangement, beautiful pop of color.
I removed all leaves below the rims of the containers and left a few above for some green.

This is what I am enjoying in my home today even we have yet another snow day and schools are closed yet again.
Tomorrow promises to be in the 50s!

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