Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 5

Who can believe it has been 5 weeks since we started this One Room Challenge! Next week is the final reveal and I am glad for the opportunity - the push - to finish Emily's room. Today I have a few pictures to share of some things that I had not addressed previously.

I did a little work on the hutch this week. An idea that came to mind quite suddenly.

While looking around the room at what requires finishing or fine tuning, I noticed the desk needed something else decorative besides the writing utensil organizers, shared with you last week.
This is the cork board attached to the hutch. The usual white color.

I had some spare fabric left over from a reupholstering project I did some months ago. This is Premier Prints Chelsea in Black & White.

I also had some nailhead trim left over from redoing my desk last year.

I decided to do the same here and pin the fabric to the cork board with the nailhead trim. It would add a fun pattern to the otherwise all-white space - other than the black chair - and also be something of interest for the eye to rest on when traveling across the room. Besides that, it ties in with the black-and-white pattern on the duvet.


 Emily and I had worked on this model of the Sydney Opera House for a school project about 3 years ago. I had found a template online and we built it out of card stock together although she did do a lot of the work herself. Subsequently, we visited Sydney, Australia that summer to see family. We are holding on to this model. I think it will stay on top of the hutch for now.
Then there is the carpet made from Flor carpet tiles.
These Flor carpet tiles were bought for the "old" room. She had wanted a shag-like rug with color and we decided on the Short Shag in Sunflower tiles. The initial rug was a smaller size in the "old" room. As the layout has changed, I wanted to increase the size of the rug by adding more tiles. Unfortunately, the same style and shade are no longer available but the Flor representative was extremely helpful and suggested I try Velvet Twist in Sunflower. I ordered 6 of them.
 The color looks deeper, depending on the light and time of day. We figured we could incorporate a pattern, at times subtle, into the rug. 
One could really create any pattern - random or not - with these Flor tiles. The toughest part of this was moving the rug around to the new layout and lifting the bed as we did this.
Next week is the final reveal. For me that challenge was to make time to finish what was started in the spring and summer.
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 4 - Having fun with accessories

 It is already week 4 of the One Room Challenge linking party hosted by Linda at Calling It Home.
Today I am sharing with you some of the fun, quirky accessories for Emily's room which will be on her dresser or on or by her desk. Some will make organizing more fun. Accessorizing is an easy way to add pops of color, texture and whimsy to any space.
1. Dress form jewelry holder was a gift. For the dresser.
2. A recycled glass gold-colored container from the Salvation Army thrift store. For the desk.
3. Wall Pops Zinnia monthly calendar from Wall Sticker Outlet which I bought after the room was painted so the colors would coordinate. (Picture taken before school began. Now, the calendar has stuff written all over it).
4. Pretty decorative plate from Salvation Army thrift store. I liked the design and thought it could be used to hold little items. For the dresser.
5. Purple jewelry container from Urban Outfitters. For the dresser.
6. Fabric bird from Vintage Green Limited on Etsy purchased a few years ago. For the dresser.
7. Popcorn bowl (small, for single serving) from Salvation Army thrift store. For the desk.
8. Porcelain mask was a gift.
One more thing...
Remember this fine handcrafted paper-wrapped canvas from last week's post?

I want it to pop against the wall and was wondering what to add to it. Well, I am considering mounting the porcelain mask onto it. It might just work.

This will add further dimension to the wall, along with the floating shelves.
Let's see how it all turns out.
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Two more weeks to go!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 3 - Art, Books and more...

My daughter's room has been evolving for a while. This is the wall dedicated to art and books. I love some type of a fixture/furniture/space dedicated to books. In this room the floating shelves are perfect for just that. I chose to install them to the far right of the wall so there is no way anyone could walk into them. They could also be installed at a lower level, as a result.

This is how it started, with the determining of the floor plan.
Once the room was painted I drew out a floor plan. This "old" floor plan (shown below) had the bed against the window.  I moved the furniture accordingly. I liked how it was framed by the curtains.
But there was not enough room for Emily to sit on her bean bag and enjoy reading, relaxing, listening to music, time with friends.
For the bed to be at or along the largest wall (bottom of picture) was not an option. It would somewhat close off the entry into the room.
This is how she wants it. With the bed in the corner against both windows. The large window is not completely covered so I am happy with this layout.
This gives her a large area for bean bag and lounging.
I can see her desk (right wall) and keep an eye on her while she studies. The dresser with the mirror is against the left wall. This is good as it allows reflection of any light from windows and makes the room appear larger.
The wall of artwork and pictures and a dedicated library space is perfect (bottom of picture).
This wall adds a range of colors which pop.
This is how the wall was planned out. Some old artwork and new pieces lined up against the wall to look at the effect of the colors against the wall. I also wanted to keep some space to add more items to the wall over time.
These fine handcrafted papers  found at a local Paper Source were wrapped around canvas boards. The paper choice was a collaborative effort.


I had written a post about this months ago. Go here to read details.
Scotch Blue painter's tape used to template the art and the bookshelves.


Here you have a glimpse of the old layout with the bed.

The mosaic-like piece at the bottom of the wall was inspired by Salvage Savvy. Go here to read how my kids and I worked on ours. We did it last year. It was a ton of fun to create!

It used to be in the basement, by the kids' play area.
More pictures...


The 2 fine handcrafted paper art pieces look good in reality but the purple one seems to blend in too much or not really stand out in any way... 
...and we had picked it because it had sparkle. Have to make some modification to this piece, I think.
As you can see, I have used some art that we have had for years. They are meaningful not only to the kids but to me as well. On this wall these would be the butterfly pieces and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a classic.
I did, though, purchase one new piece for the wall by the bed. I also used parts of our "old" room's wall decal shown below.
This is how it came together. Easy...
This is my Indian Girl Matryoshka Print by Amy Perrotti on Etsy. I loved the close-up and of course, the aqua color.
Emily chose to hold on to these particular flowers, birds and animals so we incorporated them in the design.


I love how everything on this wall is framed by the curtains from west elm. Unfortunately, these are no longer available. I had these in the room before and the color is stunning against the Hazy Lilac walls.
So there you have it. To be fair, some of this was done some months ago but other elements require completion before the end of this challenge. Thank you to Linda for the push to finish.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 2 - What's new to the design plan

A week has flown by and it is time to share some more details on my 12-year-old daughter's room redecorating as part of the linking party on One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home.
If you missed last week's post, the first on this challenge, go here.
Last week, I shared my new, updated design board for Emily's room. The new plan decided on a couple of months ago. Here are the items that are new to the design plan including some that have been added more recently.

1. Indian Girl Matryoshka artwork by Amy Perrotti - Etsy
2. Conceal Book Shelves by Umbra - The Container Store
3. Just Animal Pillows by The Tangled Path - Etsy
4. Between The Lines duvet cover - Urban Outfitters
5. (Signature) Table lamp shade (and base, not shown) - PBTeen
6. Fuzzy bean bag - Pier 1 Imports
The biggest change in this room, other than the (obvious) wall color is the duvet cover. I chose not to buy the shams, at this point anyway.
Previous duvet cover:
New duvet cover:
Assembly Home Between The Lines Duvet Cover
Emily is into a more modern look. She has a say in all choices. This black-and-white graphic pattern will definitely add a touch of modernity to the room while being neutral enough to allow one to have some fun with color by way of throw pillows. Fingers crossed it pays off.
The bedding arrived recently but I have not opened it, and the pillows arrived today. There is so much going on I want to be systematic in my opening of the boxes.
Next week I will share 2 floorplans for the room and tell you which one we finally went with and why. 
The room has been painted for a while and we have a wall of artwork and the bookshelves up as well. Pictures of these for next week, too.
Do check out the other participants in this One Room Challenge linking party.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update on My Daughter's Room Redecorating: One Room Challenge

I am linking up to the One Room Challenge on Calling It Home.

It has been a while since I participated in one of these events and this was an opportunity to share any progress I have made with my tween daughter, Emily's room.

This was the design board I had shared with you a while ago for a proposed redecorating over the spring and summer. This would involve changing the wall color but using the existing furniture, bedding, some of the artwork, part of the wall decal and of course, the floral chandelier was staying. A new floor plan was in order.
Source List:
1. Scroll Tree Wall Stickers - Wall Sticker Outlet
2. Bed by Young America - local furniture store
3. Dresser and mirror - the same store above
4. Table lamp - PB teen
5. Kids' artwork inspired by Maria Carluccio - made by my kids
6. Curtains - west elm
7. Bed linen - PB teen
8. Paper table lamp - PB teen
9. Jenny Lind night stand - Land of Nod
10. Desk and hutch - local store
11. Blue Bayou - Benjamin Moore
12. Shag carpet tile - Flor
13. Bean bag - Pier 1
14. Bungee Office chair - The Container Store
 (Please note - Some of the items listed above are no longer available).
At that time, the exact wall color had not been decided on but we were looking at something in the lilac-mauve family. Emily's choice.
This was the color.

Hazy Lilac by Benjamin Moore

The painting was completed. This is a glimpse of the room I had last shared with you.
After this I got busier.
Since then the design has changed a little and we have readdressed the floor plan to give her what works best for her. My daughter is growing up faster than I am able to complete the room.
An updated design board.

What has changed?
Details will be shared in the next posts I link up to the One Room Challenge event on Calling It Home. These will be every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. I plan to share the progress with you each week. There are so many amazing projects being shared at this event
Thank you, Linda, for bringing my attention to this challenge and giving me the opportunity
to share this transformation.

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