Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking at the artwork for a tween room

The artwork for my 11-year-old daughter's room is something we have chosen together. Each piece has either sentimental value or is special for its subject matter. And yes, importantly, it coordinates beautifully with the new wall color, hazy lilac, by Benjamin Moore .
As the room is going through change, this is an opportunity for me to create new artwork for one of the large walls which will also hold bookshelves - more on that later. We found some fine handcrafted paper at Paper Source. She picked her 2 favorites because of color (purple) and subject (daisies, a favorite flower).

I have on hand some canvases (like below) from Jo-ann which will be used to create simple, inexpensive artwork with the paper above.
This adorable framed print of Disney's Belle from Beauty and the Beast was purchased several years ago at the kids' nursery school art auction fundraiser. It has some bold colors and looks stunning against the newly painted walls. We still love Disney!
For the same wall, we shall have room for the much-shared butterflies, created by the kids some years ago. (And yes, the one on the left is upside-down). We were looking at the colors against the wall.
The line-up as we figure out placement. 

Now that the color of the walls is a little more grown-up the art will look less early-childhood-like, more tween.
Art in any space must be meaningful or evoke emotion. These pieces will do just that. It is great to be able to reuse some old pieces.
Next week I will share the new pieces created with the fine handcrafted paper.
Meanwhile, the desk is being reorganized. Next will be the dresser. We have state tests in April. The room has to be ready for some serious studying by then.
Happy weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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