Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Basement Reorganizing Under Way

A few weeks ago I started reorganizing our basement. It has been the kids' playroom for almost thirteen years and has undergone a couple of changes of the years - after construction and again after a flood.

My kids are now fourteen and almost-eleven. They have outgrown a lot of the toys they accumulated over the years.

Now they are more into Band Hero and the Wii and playing loud music to listen to with their friends, watch television. The enjoy playing 'restaurant' and they still play 'school', use their tents and occasional play 'dress-up' for fun.

We had bought shelving from The Container Store many years ago. It is a free standing piece; quite large.

This was the shelves a few weeks ago when I had not organized or cleaned it up in weeks.

There are items here that we decided to keep - arts and crafts miscellaneous, the more complicated puzzles, advanced board games, a domino set and so on.

A lot of crayons sent home at the end of each school year.

They need to be contained in this organizer, purchased at Lakeshore Learning Store.

We have outgrown Barbie and to some degree, Sponge Bob.

I gave them each some pink post-its to place on items they were quite sure they did not play with any longer. These would be handed-down to cousins, donated or thrown (if broken or missing pieces). It is tough to donate kids' items these days as most organizations do not accept them.

Much progress.
(The doll was purchased for me when I was very little by my father on one of his trips to Singapore).
Love Pictionary!

The keep pile grows but is manageable.

The shelves are finally empty! This piece has served us really well for many years. It will be moved into the adjoining garage for storage of other household items, like paint cans.

Now we can enjoy the striped walls I had painted some years ago. I will keep you updated on further progress.
I love reorganizing. It can be hard work but is therapeutic and so very rewarding.

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