Monday, April 30, 2012

My Latest Purchase, Awards and Tags

I bought this beautiful mirror in an online auction from Housing Works in NYC. It measures about 4ft x 2ft . It is currently on the landing between the first and second floors. I like the idea of a mirror against that wall and I love large leaning mirrors but if I leave it here it would have to be hung. I have not yet decided where it will go.

I apologize for not posting since early last week and for not having visited any blogs either. Allergy season has hit a lot more people this spring although it could be a lot worse for me - I am currently on medication to completely obliviate this problem over the next few years - my nights have not been the best. Also, my 10-year-old has had been home sick with very high fevers so there has been little time for much else.

I am taking this opportunity to acknowledge and respond to the awards and tags I have received over the past several weeks, although I have been tagged a few times before and received the award not so long ago.

Thank you to Lisa Mende from Lisa Mende Design and Erin from Out on a Limb for the Leibster Award.

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Sundeep from the Designwali and also by Debra from Acquired Objects. I thought the questions were something fun to answer.

Sundeep's Questions;

1. Currently on your ipod list?
A diverse list - to name a few artists, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Michael Bublé.

2. Last concert you went to?
James Taylor and Carole King at Madison Square Garden.


3. Favorite room in your house?
Currently my dining room because of the work I have done on the walls and how the room is slowly evolving.

4. Favorite school subject ever (any education level)?
Buying and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

5. What is your bedroom color scheme (i.e. walls and bedding)?
Butte Rock by Benjamin Moore on the walls. This is from 2005.

Similar colored bedding. This room needs work.

6. Favorite home shopping store/website?
I could not pick one - Etsy, ZGallerie, West Elm, Ebay - depending on what I am looking for.
7. Last purchase for your home?
The mirror above, from Housing Works.

8. Where is your laundry hamper located?
Each of us has a hamper in our closets and clothes are transferred to the larger hampers in the laundry room.

9. Fess up, where is your junk drawer?
It is in the kitchen but it does get cleaned out every couple of months - it holds a box of pens and pencils, a coupon holder and a folder with menus and other bits and bobs.

10. What is currently sitting on your bedroom nightstand?
Besides a lamp, hand cream and face cream, an ipad, my iphone, an alarm clock, a couple of cards from my kids, a thermometer, an inhaler.

11. Which one do you prefer more, abstract or realist art?
I have always enjoyed realist art but have recently been drawn to abstract works as I see them add something appealing to eclectic decor and that extra pop of color where needed.

Debra's Questions:
1. What's your personal style when it comes to design?
Most definitely eclectic with a relaxed global vibe and fun use of color. This stems from having lived in different countries and seen my parents incorporate inherited pieces, custom pieces, antiques purchased in the UK and India, items from their years in Nigeria and so on. It is an evolved look which I love.

Pinned Image

2. What is your one must-have item for a room?
One is most concerned about furniture in any space. The balance to have is soft furnishings - curtains, pillows, a rug. Also something on the walls - artwork, a mirror.

3. Who is your favorite designer?
There are so many. I particularly enjoy those designers who mix things up in terms of styles  - of late, I have been excited to see the overall design choices made by Kishani Perera

and have been a fan of Martyn Lawrence-Bullard for a while.

4. What is your favorite room to decorate?
The family room because it can be the most challenging as well as the most rewarding. It is a room for a number of members in a family - adults and children - for a number of activites with designated areas for these activities - entertainment, relaxation, playing. Storage and seating need to be ample.

5. What's your biggest pet peeve in design?
Too much of matching in furniture and accessories in any space. Also clearance when creating a space - there should be room to move around comfortably, open drawers and cabinet doors, sufficient space around a dining table for chairs - something easily overlooked.

6. What is your favorite piece of furniture?
I have inherited the first piano I played on when I was about three years old. It belonged to my grandfather and it was then given to my father who has given it to me. It is not a piano any longer ....more to be shared on that in time!

7. Are you in your dream home and if not, what is your dream home like?
I am not in my dream home. I would love a home with a lot of windows and by some type of body of water. This water slide home in the Maldives would do!

Or something on land like this..relaxing, serene...
Pinned Image

..and a great place to entertain a large family and friends.
Pinned Image

8. If you could only have two rooms in your home which would they be?
Does a great room count? I could easily sleep on a comfortable couch, there would be a space to cook and entertain. The second room would be a bathroom.

9. Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to set up a website but it was recommended I start a blog. I had no idea what that was or how much work it involved.

10. Do you have any hidden talents we don't know about?
I can play the piano although I have forgotten how to read music. I could play some tunes from memory but nothing too complicated.

11. Do you have a pet and if so tell us about the other person who shares your home?
No pets.

I shall be back blogging on a regular schedule within a few days and will be sure to visit you all.

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