Friday, June 15, 2012

Sectional For The Basement

I have yet to share pictures of the furniture in the basement but I wanted to show you where I shopped for the main seating for this space.

A few years ago I had my heart set on a lounge sectional from PB teen after having weighed different options. I have used faux suede for my home and for clients so when I saw this collection online and liked the overall look and shape and height of the pieces I knew this was the solution for my kids and their cousins and friends who visit frequently.

When purchasing any type of seating (or bed) it is important to take into consideration who it is being bought for and have them test it out. Before making this purchase I did want the the kids' opinions and so we visited a PB teen store on Manhattan's Upper East Side and tested the floor sample. They sat and yes, they "lounged" !

View in Room

I wanted something that would last many years - durability, comfort and of course, style were the criteria.
This is perfect for an adult to lounge on, too. The basement has the second of 2 televisions in the house - the first one is in the family room. On occasion I have watched a movie or a show on this ever-so-comfortable couch.

I opted to buy the four pieces shown above with the cushions in the exact chocolate brown color. Many color options are available.

The bases offered are white turned wood (shown above), storage base (below), or pedestal base. The storage base comes in white, chestnut or espresso finishes while the pedestal base can be purchased in white, chestnut or dark espresso finishes.

Cushy Lounge Collection

I chose the pedestal base in white finish.

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This lounge set has been used in different configurations as the kids desired. It was as much a perfect choice a few years ago as it would be if I had to purchase it today. We love it.

The cushions can be used without a base if one prefers. At a sizable 31" square the seating is so very roomy and extremely comfortable. Height varies depending on the base.

I love low seating options. They lend a casual feel to a space and I find them more inviting.

The navy twill with white piping option (below) was not offered when I was looking.

Cushy Lounge Collection

Neither was this Trailblazer faux suede option which really looks like leather.

View in Room

This collection is currently on sale at PB teen.

Meanwhile, I found some perfect (and unexpected) pieces last week while on a quick trip to Home Goods. I will share those with you next week.

Enjoy your weekend and Father's Day!

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