Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday decor in my living room

Today I am sharing some more of my living room decorated for the holidays.

Yesterday I showed you the vintage brass sleigh and reindeer from The Longacre Flea on Etsy. I filled it with a few candy canes. The white ginger jar is from One Kings Lane. I have a string of white lights inside and I love the effect.

But let me begin with some daytime pictures first.
I have not moved furniture around or drastically changed the look of my living room decor for the season. I just incorporated the Christmas decor to fit in. This was largely due to lack of time but there was also no real need for it. It will also make putting everything away easier after the festivities are over.

This snowman trio was a gift from about 15 years ago. It comes out every year.

I love this brass elephant paperweight from Tatter and Fray.

This silver tray was a Salvation Army thrift store find along with the capiz shell bowl and the glass candy container which holds M&Ms through the year. The vintage caroler trio, shared yesterday, is from Milk & Hannah and the ornate brass trivet is also from Tatter and Fray

I have a flameless candle on it.

There is something about snowmen!

My kids decorated the balsam Christmas tree purchased from a local Stew Leonard's. I think they did a great job. They did not use everything I decorate the tree with each year but they did use most of the ornaments. They even strung the lights themselves. That is the most tasking part of decorating a tree but so well worth it.

Another close-up picture of the ginger jar aglow.

The mantle again.

To see more of my mantle click here to read my post from this past Monday.

The Nativity set. 

And that is some of my holiday decor this year. I hope you enjoyed the eclectic mix. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vintage holiday decor

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If you have been following me for a while you should be familiar with my decorating style. I do like to mix things up. While I have used mostly everything I previously owned to decorate for the holidays this year, apart from the balsam Christmas tree I purchased a couple of unique vintage items from Etsy. I could not resist these three pieces.
This adorable ceramic caroler trio from Milk and Hannah, a glimpse of the stunning ornate brass trivet from Tatter and Fray, something I could use throughout the year....

.. and this gorgeous 1960's brass sleigh and reindeer from The Longacre Flea.

I am enjoying these in my living room so much and so is the rest of the family. I will share some more of the holiday d├ęcor tomorrow. I hope you will come back then.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Mantle Reveal

I am truly happy with how this turned out considering there was no plan. Sometimes that works out better. I had never had a string of lights on the mantle but after having begun to enjoy seeing a string of lights in my daughters' rooms I thought I had to place some here.

The idea was to use whatever I had in the house.

This was before I thought to add the vintage candlesticks or the wreath. 

I wanted something else with some height. It did not have to be too tall. I had these vintage candlesticks, an Etsy purchase from a couple of years ago.

Looking promising but I wanted more height and I knew I did not have any new candles to use here and did not want to go out and buy any at the time. I thought to place the two baubles on the candlesticks.

 None of these items are new. The gold pine cones, the angel and the stocking holders are probably the oldest items here. The candle stand I purchased at a Salvation Army thrift store and spray painted it. Flameless candles are used a lot in my house; purchased at Crate & Barrel.

My little choir boy and choir girl have been favorite tree ornaments for many years. This year they get pride of place on the mantle.

The silver Christmas trees were bought at Crate & Barrel last year. I used them as place card holders when I hosted Christmas lunch for the family.

I love the milk glass compote, another purchase from Etsy.

This weekend I felt I wanted to add a wreath of some sort above the mantle and I used some silver berry garland I have had for years and shaped it into one. It looks organic. 

I hung it up using a small Command micro hook.
In order to camouflage the hook I added some candy cane. 

It ended up looking like a heart but it works and I love the pop of color in the wreath.

The mantle with the wreath. It is complete.

Stockings are one for each child. Purchased at different times. I did not grow up with the whole idea of Christmas stockings and therefore stocking-stuffers were non-existent. Until a couple of years ago the stockings were merely decorative. I like them to one side on the mantle.

During the day. Lights off.

Some kindling and poinsettia.

This is my Holiday mantle this year.

It is traditional, vintage, colorful, organic, sparkly and whimsical. I hope you like it.
It has have traditional festive colors of red and green, seasonal gold and silver sparkle and some lights and some white to balance it all.

I will be sharing more holiday decorating this week so please visit again.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decorating for the holidays - a glimpse of the mantle

I feel like I am way behind in my decorating for the Christmas season this year. This past weekend we bought the tree and the kids put in the lights after I explained a technique I have used for years - they are in training :). And then they hung most of the ornaments themselves. 
Meanwhile, I tackled the mantle. One could be really creative here, choosing to go bold, colorful, simple, organic or vintage. I try to change things around every year.

I went with a traditional Christmas color scheme using items I have owned for at least a year. It is definitely colorful, festive and whimsical and it was truly organic in that it just evolved. Here is a glimpse of it.

The rest I will share with you on Monday. 
But I would like to remind you of what I did last year.

Another glimpse of this year's mantle.

Please do stop by on Monday, Dec 16th, when I will share what I have done with the mantle this year for Christmas.

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