Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 3 - Art, Books and more...

My daughter's room has been evolving for a while. This is the wall dedicated to art and books. I love some type of a fixture/furniture/space dedicated to books. In this room the floating shelves are perfect for just that. I chose to install them to the far right of the wall so there is no way anyone could walk into them. They could also be installed at a lower level, as a result.

This is how it started, with the determining of the floor plan.
Once the room was painted I drew out a floor plan. This "old" floor plan (shown below) had the bed against the window.  I moved the furniture accordingly. I liked how it was framed by the curtains.
But there was not enough room for Emily to sit on her bean bag and enjoy reading, relaxing, listening to music, time with friends.
For the bed to be at or along the largest wall (bottom of picture) was not an option. It would somewhat close off the entry into the room.
This is how she wants it. With the bed in the corner against both windows. The large window is not completely covered so I am happy with this layout.
This gives her a large area for bean bag and lounging.
I can see her desk (right wall) and keep an eye on her while she studies. The dresser with the mirror is against the left wall. This is good as it allows reflection of any light from windows and makes the room appear larger.
The wall of artwork and pictures and a dedicated library space is perfect (bottom of picture).
This wall adds a range of colors which pop.
This is how the wall was planned out. Some old artwork and new pieces lined up against the wall to look at the effect of the colors against the wall. I also wanted to keep some space to add more items to the wall over time.
These fine handcrafted papers  found at a local Paper Source were wrapped around canvas boards. The paper choice was a collaborative effort.


I had written a post about this months ago. Go here to read details.
Scotch Blue painter's tape used to template the art and the bookshelves.


Here you have a glimpse of the old layout with the bed.

The mosaic-like piece at the bottom of the wall was inspired by Salvage Savvy. Go here to read how my kids and I worked on ours. We did it last year. It was a ton of fun to create!

It used to be in the basement, by the kids' play area.
More pictures...


The 2 fine handcrafted paper art pieces look good in reality but the purple one seems to blend in too much or not really stand out in any way... 
...and we had picked it because it had sparkle. Have to make some modification to this piece, I think.
As you can see, I have used some art that we have had for years. They are meaningful not only to the kids but to me as well. On this wall these would be the butterfly pieces and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a classic.
I did, though, purchase one new piece for the wall by the bed. I also used parts of our "old" room's wall decal shown below.
This is how it came together. Easy...
This is my Indian Girl Matryoshka Print by Amy Perrotti on Etsy. I loved the close-up and of course, the aqua color.
Emily chose to hold on to these particular flowers, birds and animals so we incorporated them in the design.


I love how everything on this wall is framed by the curtains from west elm. Unfortunately, these are no longer available. I had these in the room before and the color is stunning against the Hazy Lilac walls.
So there you have it. To be fair, some of this was done some months ago but other elements require completion before the end of this challenge. Thank you to Linda for the push to finish.
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